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About Renovation 320

About Renovation 320

We have purchased and sold over 200 homes in the past 23 years – helping homeowners in all sorts of situations.

Our customers love working with us because we truly try to live out our company values:

Respectful – We treat everyone with the same dignity and respect, from the President to a homeless man on the street

Ethical – Doing work the right way whether we are being watched or not

Accountable – Keeping each other in-check in our personal and professional lives

Loyal – Having your and each other’s back in good times and bad

As you can see those words spell out REAL – we like to be authentic and transparent not only with each other, but with our vendors and home owners as well!

If you’d like to see these characteristics in action, check out our testimonial video with a seller we were REAL with!

Our Team

First I want to thank all the vendors (painters, roofers, plumbers, etc) we work with on a daily-basis.

After vetting vendors for 30 years, we truly partner with the best in the business working efficiently and providing the highest value work in Central Florida.

This is the one of the reasons we can give higher Cash Offers than our competitors.

Greg Bond is the founder of Renovation 320.

He used to be on the front lines but is now managing the business relationships he has in the industry.

Greg has been working in Real Estate in Central Florida since the 90’s (wow he’s getting old!).

Meeting new people and maintaining relationships is why Greg loves the business.

He meets up with a group called Good Success focused on Business & Charity – their quote is “Working, to Have, to Give”

This group has given a new meaning to his work, and Greg loves supporting local charities and individuals who have life missions that align with his own.

Outside of Real Estate – you can find Greg pulling a prank on a neighborhood kid or playing with his Golden Retriever, Moe.

Rick Rentas Renovation 320

Rick Rentas is the Business Unit Leader at Renovation 320.

This means he is the Main Face you will see with the company on appointments or renovation projects!

Rick has been working in Real Estate for 4 years helping buy, renovate, and sell hundreds of properties.

He has a talented eye for renovations and is great with details, making him a perfect fit for this role!

On a sunny Florida day, you can catch Rick out on a nature trail meditating and practicing the art of a holistic lifestyle.

(Some might even call him “The Holistic Aficionado” –> his podcast!)

If you’d like to see Rick in action with a customer, check out a video here.

Nick Bond Renovation 320

Nick Bond  (born & raised in Central Florida) is the Marketing Director at Renovation 320, specializing in data analytics and digital marketing.

He is behind-the-scenes making the website you are reading right now 😉

Nick has been working in Real Estate since he graduated from the University of Florida in 2017.

With a degree in Mathematics, he likes anything that seems like a puzzle or problem and finding a creative solution for it.

Outside of Real Estate – Nick enjoys everything soccer and coaches at Orangewood Christian in Maitland, FL.

We Are A Real Home Buying Company!

Our passion is to make homes & neighborhoods more beautiful and livable, while still being able to make a profit to continue our work!

Living locally makes our work even more fun 🙂

We get to drive by our projects all the time and talk to people admiring our renovations!

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